“A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could.” — Zig Ziglar, Author & Motivational Speaker

I was thinking on writing this topic from last couple of weeks but every time it escaped my mind. But today when I was searching for a topic to write then it suddenly clicked in my mind. So I thought let me put this down as a blog. Also because I really want to share with the people that why having a mentor is so necessary in life. And more so because I have been through the times where I was seeking one such mentor but there was none to guide during at that time. And now when I have them in my life, it has completely changed me for the greater good.

I would like to begin with showing gratitude to my mentors, my teachers those who really helped me to discover myself. Now when I say discover I mean helping me, guiding me and letting me know what is my inner calling and making me the best version of myself. Now, these things might feel like that there is a sudden awakening, an epiphany but it was a gradual process when I reflect back. It was a process of last 2 years when I started my journey on finding my calling and then I met one of first mentor. I stumbled upon on one of his videos, which really make me think — what I am doing in my life. It was a self discovery process since then. Fortunately or luckily I was able to make through the tough times, doubts, fears, uncertainty. Though at that time there was a feeling of being lost, confused but now when I reflect back it was worth those efforts, treading on that journey.

But still there was something more that I was looking for and then I met my another 2 mentors- Guru Murali Sundaram and Sudhir Khollam, the ultimate duo. Meeting them was something not less than a blessing in my life. It was like I was waiting for them to appear in my life. From fearful to faithful, from being unclear to getting the direction in life, it all happened when I had them in my life. Since then the journey has been full of breaking one limiting belief after the another one and growing at each step. It seems I have come a long way in my journey since March 2020 though it has only been a transient period of 10 months. I often get the feeling that I have just started and there is so much to explore and to serve the world in so many ways. And one thing I am sure is that I am in the right hands and working under the guidance of the people who I want to become — being of impact and service.

From my first mentor, Mr. Avelo Roy, I learned how being humble is so important irrespective where ever you reach in your life. He is so humble and down to earth person. I learned from him about startups nitty-gritties, how spirituality can help in finding the real YOU and there are so many other things that I keep on learning from him. From my second mentor Guru Murali Sundaram, I learned the power of having clarity in exactly what I want. His wisdom has a significant impact in my life and I can’t think of one thing because there are so many things I have learned, unlearned and relearned from him. Each day I am learning something or the other thing from him. And from my third mentor, Sudhir Khollam- I have learned more about having an entrepreneurial mindset. How to have a problem solving attitude and how to lead people with a mindset of service.

Though I tried to pen it down what all I have learned but this is still not complete because there are somethings in life which can’t be expressed in words but they can only be felt. And this is one of that moment. As I said I am learning, unlearning and relearning thing every other day. And I am always grateful of having these 3 mentors in my life when I was needed them the most.

So, thank you to all three of you being such a great human being, for being such a great mentor, a teacher who is willing to guide and listen and share the views, give the right direction to unleash my full potential in my journey of life.

Long way to go before I sleep but I am under the right guidance of great human beings I have ever met…!!!

From Pharmacology to Coding and now into Entrepreneurship — I have seen it all. Often into psychology, tech and writing. Fitness and Progressive enthusiast.