“The Art Of Cold Calling”- How I Decoded It.

From Apple to Insurance companies, cold calling has been used by every business at least once in their lifetime. It has been a sort after technique to seek prospects, for selling or seeding the products/services to reach more number of audience. It’s a part of every business’s marketing, up-selling strategy to test and doing the market research to get more relevant information from their existing customers and clients.

In this article, I would be sharing how I got to know about this useful technique and how I use it in reaching out to more prospective clients when I was into my coding gig a few months back. There is one book that I read which really helped me when I was started to try my hand at coding — The Pyjama Profit by Varun Mayya and Abhinav Chikara. The best thing about that book is it has all the step by step techniques/tools you need to start your freelancing gig and how to reach more number of prospective clients to pitch your skill/gig or business if you have any.

So, this was the time in March 2020, I followed the strategies that were there in the book and start looking for bigger and better clients outside India through cold emailing. But later, I used the same strategy as a cold-calling to do my market research and test my new idea. (in the healthcare sector)

Social platforms are the best resources especially if you are starting from scratch to reach a wider number of audiences or clients if you’re a solopreneur in the beginning. The platform that worked best for me were Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. Whether it’s an email or a call you need to be precise and exact in your message and what you really want to convey to your prospect. Before getting into it, let me share a quick stat on cold emailing.

I was aware of the above stats but I want to try it out so that I can experiment and what if I get my top 1–3 clients from it which might give me my mega projects. So, I used Linkedin sales navigator to my benefit in order to reach out to small enterprises, organizations across the spectrum from ITs to marketing, from Event organizations to NGOs, from B2B to B2C, I filtered out all my top 100 prospects on the list those who were at CEO, VP, Country Heads or Director positions in their organizations.

I used twitter and Facebook to get important and relevant information to make my email more personalized for the prospects. And this is a very important aspect of cold emailing or calling. You should do your proper research before reaching out to someone. As per a study, globally, a staggering 269 billion emails are sent each day and on average a working professional receives more than 100 emails per day. So, it’s quite important that we should do our diligent check on customer’s profile before piling his email inbox with more stuff which will remain there unread( most likely spam).

Always do your research for each of your prospect before reaching out especially in a non-verbal mode of communication — what they do, what they like, what their interests are, to make sure you don’t end up in the spam folder.

I leveraged social media to understand my prospects better and what their interests are and what they really like doing apart from their work. So this is how I collected my 100 prospects with their email ids and interests on an excel sheet. And then I started sending emails one by one carefully, just like the way I want to receive an email from someone who doesn’t know me. And my success rate was also not better than the stats that I have mentioned above (but this was a big learning for me) and I got the revert back from 3 of them.

But when I used the same approach for cold calling for market research for my another project later, my success rate was more than 60% which means I got the required information from 6 out of 10 prospects which really helped me to make necessary changes in the basic model of my idea.

Now here are the simple 5 strategies that you should follow in order to make sure you get most out from your time invested in cold calling:

  1. Always reach out to a smaller audience — i.e. narrow down your prospect list, do not shoot a mass email to 1000 people. 99.99% (read 100%) chances that you might not get revert from any of them.
  2. Do your diligent work in knowing your prospect better and especially in cold emailing — know what they do, what they like, and what their interests are? Whether they are the right fit or not? Check each and every one of them.
  3. Always keep your message short and to the point. Nobody has the time to read long essays in email since most of them use mobile to check their emails, always keep your message short and crisp.
  4. Make sure whether the offer you’re making will benefit them or not. Don’t sell apples to a customer who is in the market to buy oranges. Always talk about the benefit they will get and how you can help them to add more value.
  5. Whether it is a call or an email, make sure that you introduce yourself in such a way that they should know you’re a genuine person with authentic credibility and show some references(links in case of emails) on how you have helped people, organizations in the past which will help you to build trust with the prospect initially.



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